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figure 1.

The left axis and green points and line correspond to the number of accounts this parody account is following. The right axis and purple points and line correspond to the number of accounts that follow this parody account. The axes have different scales, purposefully done to show the general trends for each statistic. The followers and following statistics were collected daily, as seen by the x-axis.

Followers v. Following for Wiz Khalifa Parody 40 46 1.021702E6 1.023589E6 2013-03-12 40= Following 1021702= Followers 2013-03-13 41= Following 1021887= Followers 2013-03-14 41= Following 1021978= Followers 2013-03-15 43= Following 1022034= Followers 2013-03-16 43= Following 1022128= Followers 2013-03-17 43= Following 1022208= Followers 2013-03-18 43= Following 1022346= Followers 2013-03-19 43= Following 1022431= Followers 2013-03-20 44= Following 1022873= Followers 2013-03-21 44= Following 1022903= Followers 2013-03-22 44= Following 1022937= Followers 2013-03-23 45= Following 1022916= Followers 2013-03-24 45= Following 1023589= Followers 2013-03-25 46= Following 1023473= Followers 2013-03-26 46= Following 1023393= Followers

There is a follow-back phenomenon in which an account chooses to follow another account in hope that that account will follow them back. Many accounts gain followers on this basis, creating a close to 1:1 leadership ratio (overall change in followers divided by the overall change in following). This would be visible on the graph if the lines followed the same trend.

The Wiz Khalifa parody account showed a pattern upon comparing the followers to the following. Several times, when the the number of followers begins to plateau or decrease, the parody account makes a sharp increase in following, which seems to be succeeded by a steady increase in followers till the trend repeats itself. Therefore, the following and followers increased consistently over the two week period. The leadership ratio was 397.83 : 1.

figure 2.

The stacked bar graph is a visual representation of the breakdown of themes per day. Each tweet was marked up with a theme attribute from a predefined list. The themes include general, wisdom, relation(ship), media, social, mile (stone), fan, ad, daily, convo, gossip, and joke. For more information on the theme determinations, refer to our resources page. Each color is an individual theme, identified in the key above the graph. The height of each graph is proportional to the number of tweets per day. Each “stack” is the corresponding number of tweets with that theme. The x-axis shows the date.

2013-03-12 2013-03-13 2013-03-14 2013-03-15 2013-03-16 2013-03-17 2013-03-18 2013-03-19 2013-03-20 2013-03-21 2013-03-22 2013-03-23 2013-03-24 2013-03-25 2013-03-26 384 0 Breakdown of Themes for Wiz Khalifa Parody # o f T w e e t s General: Wisdom: Relation: Media: Social: Mile: Fan: Ad: Daily: Convo: Gossip: Joke:

The wisdom theme was present each day and was clearly the most used throughout the two week period. The next prominent themes were relationship and ad, with ad seen in greater proportions for the most part, though relationship was surpassed the number of wisdom themes on the last day. The other themes were not seen or seen very infrequently.

This account had an average leadership ratio. It shows some variety in themes used, though it was mostly consistent. This is fitting with our findings, that success is drawn from consistency among themes. The account had an average leadership ration, likely due to the use of many themess.